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Major Key: Fashion Picks For Any Style

What’s Your Style?

What’s worse than an empty closet and nothing to wear?  An overflowing closet with nothing to wear!  While I am no fashionista, I have learned the importance of developing your own style.  I personally believe that no woman can have too many clothes.  However, random pieces can lead to the dreaded dead end closet.  Never fear ladies; there is hope! Finding your style is the key to closet success!

The Class Act


This style is for you ladies who appreciate a simple, yet sophisticated look.  This look personifies style, grace, and of course class! Clean lines, tailored fits, and timeless pieces are EVERYTHING here.  The key to developing this look is by building a collection of staple wardrobe items that rarely (if ever) go out of style.  This look consists of items that rarely go out of style which decreases the constant need for new clothes. You know what that means, right?  Money saving!

Major Keys:  Keep this style fresh with accessories.  Accessories can change the entire flow of an outfit.   With the right necklace and earrings, you can turn a little black dress from office chic to date night fresh.

Need inspiration?  Here are a few of my favorite Class Acts!

Tracie Ellis Ross, Stylesbyfash (beauty blogger), Tamera Mowry,  Cynthia Bailey

The Trendsetter


This style is the complete opposite of your class act.  It is all about the latest and greatest trends.  While this style may have classic pieces, it is only worn when classic styles are currently trending!  (Hence the term trendsetter.) Trendsetter is one style where your closet WILL VARY.  The best word to describe this style?  Eclectic.  After maintaining an up and down closet for many years, I finally discovered that I was trendy. (I so desperately wanted to be classic.  Lol)  My style changes by the day.

Major Keys:  Thrift shop as much you can!  Many of the latest trends are often a repeat of a past trend.   With a little rummaging (and sometimes a pair of scissors and creativity), you can stay with the trend while saving a few dollars.

Need some trendsetter inspo?  Take a look at these trendy gals!

Beyonce, Lala Anthony, Zendaya

The Boho Chic


This style is for all of my flower child, free spirited girls!  This look reminds me of the seventies hippie mixed with a new age flair.  Think printed wraps, ponchos, flowy shirts, and just about anything with a floral print or fringe. Everything flows with this look.  This look works very well for my ladies who prefer a comfortable yet feminine look.  This look has many of the same benefits as the classic style.  The staples of this style do not change often.  It is also a great style for festivals and music events!

Major keys:  Luckily there are specific brands cater to this style.  Free People, Ralph Lauren “Denim” line, Vintage America, and many others.   Take advantage of the fashion expansion of this trend!  It’s a must. Thrifting is also useful with this style.

Need a little more inspiration?  Boho Chic lives in these ladies!

Jhene  Aiko, Zoe Kravitz, (and her mom the ageless beauty Lisa Bonet, can you tell them apart? Lol)

The Creative Edge


Have you ever walked into a store and thought “who in the world would wear this?”  A creative/edgy girl would.  The creative edge woman has a sultry and exaggerated sense of style.  She expresses her individuality through her wardrobe.  This girl can rock anything!

Major Keys:  Take the risk but be mindful.  Be sure that you are going for a look that is stylish and not just for shock value.  Remember, style is when it looks good on you!  An ill-fitting outfit is just…..well it’s just a bad decision.  Lol.

My favorite creative edgers?  Glad you asked!

Rihanna, Solange, Sassy (of Black Ink Crew), Lauren Levi (stylist, artist, and boutique owner)

While there are many other styles, I hope this has started you on the path of finding your signature look!  While it is possible to mix and match these styles, do so with caution.  You don’t want to create that dead end closet! I would recommend that you mix your style by occasion, not by outfit.  For example, you can maintain the class act during the week and switch to boho chic for the weekend!  Remember finding your style is all about you!  Happy styling!


Girly girl. Thrift junkie. Lover of life, God, and laughter. Professional over thinker. Straight shooter. Blog link:

Written by:Michela Phelps, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad


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