Is a Win for Hillary a Win for Women of Color?

I’ll admit, I’m no  political buff. Politics is something like bad knees for me.  It kind of came with age.  As a young lady, I did as a lot of young people do.  I asked my parents who I should vote for and why.  (Don’t judge.  We are having honesty hour.) However, as I stepped out of the blissful world of college life and became an adult, I knew there was much for me to learn.  While I am still not as “in the know” as I should be, I am definitely more aware.

Which brings me to Hillary Clinton.  Former first lady and Secretary of State.  As her campaign moves from state to state, of course, one can’t help but wonder, ” what’s in it for us?” Where do women of color fit into the campaign of Mrs. Clinton?   When it comes to women of color, here are a few things  Mrs. Hillary Clinton has in store…


Lesser, Erik (2016) Hillary Clinton participates in a Breaking Down Barrieres town hall campaign event at Morris College in Sumter, S.C. Pressphoto Agency. Online image. Retrieved June 29 2016 from


  1. Affordable child care, paid leave, and increased minimum wage.

Nearly 2/3 of the minimum wage population consists of women. Women of color make up most of this percentage.  Many women making minimum wage often maintain jobs that have no paid sick days, and very little money left over for child care expenses.

  1. Increasing small business for women.

“She putting forward plans like how we’re going to be able to increase access to capital” says Maya Harris, Clinton’s policy adviser.  This will address many of the challenges that women have experience in starting businesses, particularly African American women.  Not planning to start a business?  There’s more…

  1. Issues with racial and economic inequality.

“Years of under investment and neglect have hollowed out many predominately African American communities.” Clinton states.  To address this Clinton has pledged to spend $125 billion on various programs. Including  an initiative to help young people and ex-prisoners find jobs.  Following the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Clinton has pledged to set a goal removing lead as a major public health threat within five years.

All of these things sound awesome, but we all know that plans without action are just words.  In addition to this, one cannot ignore Hillary Clinton’s heated stand off with Black Lives Matter protesters.  Nor can we ignore her use of  the term “super predators” in regards  to troubled black youth. The biggest side-eye (at least for me personally) was her interview with the Breakfast Club, a radio show hosted by DJ Envy, Charlemagne the God, and Angela Yee.   Will Ms. Clinton put here words into action?  Only time will tell.  When it comes to women of color, does Hillary Clinton have our backs?  What are your thoughts?


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Written by Michaela Phelps, Staff Writer #MyGirlSquad


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