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FLOTUS For President

Pleeeeaasssseee Don’t Go!-  Why I’ll Miss First Lady Michelle Obama

Have you ever had a forever moment?  A moment in your life that you wanted to relive again and again?  A moment that was so perfect, you didn’t want it to end?  This accurately describes my feelings of the presidency of President Barack Obama.  It’s a beautiful slow jam, and I don’t want it to end.  While I have a great deal of love and respect for the entire Obama family, I have a special admiration for the first lady, Michelle Obama.

In an article by the Huffington Post, students shared their thoughts on Michelle Obama.  Their eloquent displays of affection mirrored the deep admiration that many of us have in our own hearts.  Even without the strength of the President, Michelle Obama has remained a constant favorite amongst the American people. During times where presidential approval ratings were low,  Michelle’s approval remained satisfactory.   So what is it about our first lady that makes her so special?  After all, there are plenty of other first ladies that have graced the halls of the White House.   What makes Mrs. Obama so special?


Relatability.  Not only is she a black woman, but a hard-working black woman.  Unlike many first ladies, Michelle Obama was not born with a silver spoon.  Instead of making excuses, Michelle has made choices.  Attending both Princeton and Harvard, our first lady has shown us the importance of work and education.  Little black girls everywhere can look at this dynamic woman and know that anything is possible.

If her background isn’t impressive enough, did I mention that she was cool as hell?  Never have we seen a first lady who wasn’t afraid to let her hair down.  One who could speak eloquently at a press conference, dance with Ellen, rap with Missy, jump rope with school children, and still make time to SLAY THE ENTIRE SCENE  in a stunning Vera Wang dress at the China dinner.  How does the saying go?  Get you a woman that can do both!

Then there’s her passion.  As a woman who cares about many issues, I am moved by the fact that our first lady is not afraid to speak out.  She is passionate about the progression of Black Lives Matter.  She is passionate about the advancement of women’s rights. She is passionate about the education and health of ALL young people.  Not just American youth.  She speaks unapologetically about racism in America.  She isn’t just the President’s wife.  She’s a woman with a voice.  A woman with character, style, dignity, and class.  Not only is she a role model, but when it comes to first ladies, she’s the prototype.  While the presidency of Barack Obama may be coming to an end, something tells me that the work of our First Lady is just beginning! Although I am still dreading November, I look forward to what lies ahead.  Thank you first family, and a special thank you first Lady.  FLOTUS, you will be missed!



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Written by Michaela Phelps, Staff Writer. #mygirlsquad


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