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Surviving Trump: 101

On my refrigerator, there is a piece of paper listing important items needed to survive a hurricane. As I sat in my kitchen and examined this list, I realized something. Preparing for a real hurricane is very much like preparing for a life hurricane.

In this case, the proverbial hurricane would be the fierce windstorm known as Donald Trump. A hurricane in every sense of the word. Big, scary, destructive, and a whole lot of hot air.
How then do we survive the hurricane known as Donald Trump? What will we do for the next four years? Much like a real hurricane, there are few essential items you will need to survive “Hurricane Donald.”
In a sense. But not your typical non-perishables. This will require a mentally filling food. Knowledge. That’s right. Fill yourself up. Learn every aspect of the political arena, attend your council meetings, and quench yourself with as much knowledge as you can. No one is saying that you should be the smartest girl in the room, but it’s important to make yourself aware of the issues. It will not benefit any of us to remain ignorant. Learn everything that you can while you can.

Water……Red Water. Okay, wine.
There is no use in pretending. Some days I want to run, not walk to happy hour. Now I am by no means promoting alcohol dependency, but there may be a few days where you need that drink. So grab you a bottle of wine, (red since it’s heart healthy) and in the words of Solange “try to drink it away.”





What is fuel? Fuel is the thing that propels us forward. As women of color, it is imperative that we encourage and uplift one another. It’s hard enough to stay motivated in everyday life; it’s even harder to stay motivated when you are unsupported. Support your sister. Uplift your brothers. At the end of the day, all we have each is other.

Cash on Hand
It’s not enough just to talk the talk. The power is in the almighty dollar. Do you know where your tax dollars are going? When is the last time you put your money behind something that helped your community? As the old saying goes “Put your money where your mouth is.” (And I have plenty of mouth)

Bug spray
This is for all the haters, non-motivators, and discouragers. These are the people who will try their best to discredit the movement, hurt the cause, just all around blood sucking mosquitoes. Stay out of those extremely hateful comments. Spray it off and keep moving.

So, there you have it. You are now officially prepared for Hurricane Donald. With proper strategy and preparation, we will survive this storm.



Thompson C. (2015) Trump Cancels Virginia Rally Due to Hurricane with His Own Humblebrag. Donaldimage.jpg Retrieved from http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/donald-trump-hurricane-brag


Written by Michaela Phelps, Staff Writer # MyGirlSquad


Girly girl. Thrift junkie. Lover of life, God, and laughter. Professional over thinker. Straight shooter. Blog link: love-jojo.com



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