The Ties that Bind

Although I enjoy spending a majority of my time alone, I am aware of the dangers of too much alone time.   According to an article by Psychology Today, when our needs for social interaction are not met, one can literally unravel.  Both mentally and physically. Like food, our bodies require certain levels of social interaction in order to survive. This is where the importance of healthy and thriving relationships come into play.

Studies have shown that individuals with supportive families tend to thrive much better in their emotional and physical health.  However, what happens to individuals that are not close to their family members?  What if your family has been plagued with years and years of complexities that even the most experienced therapist could not unravel?  What do you do when your family ties are just as loose as a pair of raggedy sneakers?

Createher Stock Couple Holding Hands 2

The good news is that family isn’t just about the genetic code that ties us together. Family ties are about love, shared commonalities, loyalty, and bond that can be felt even when no words are spoken.  At times our family consists of those we are related to, not by blood, but by circumstance.  Every situation is different, and loving and supportive blood family is not a reality for everyone.  While this situation is unfortunate, it is important that you are able to create a bond with people who can be there for you during times of need.   This is how many friendships turn into relationships that feel closer than family and allow us to thrive.

Even as you crave your time alone, remember the importance of strong emotional bonds and connections.  Although emotional food is not tangible, it is just as important as physical nourishment.   Our heart, mind, and body cannot thrive without the two!

Marano, Hara.  The Dangers of Loneliness.  Psychology Today.  9 June 2016.  Retrieved from loneliness

 Written by Michael Phelps, Staff Writer, #MyGirlSquad


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