Who we are

Welcome to #mygirlsquad!

#mygirlsquad is a lifestyle website dedicated to women of color. The website focuses on highlighting amazing individuals across the globe, and telling stories affecting women of color across the globe. Content created range from Business interviews, Event coverage, Current Affairs and trending topics affecting women across the globe. These individuals all have stories of triumph and sacrifice in order to achieve their goals or overcome adversity.  The decision to create this site was because of the void present in expressing and highlighting news about real people, especially women of color!

#mygirlsquad believes in sisterhood and positive narratives, the small business story, the person behind a successful blog, fashion designers, artisans and individuals who love their cities, their culture and their friendships. The emphasis is on the African continent, the diaspora and African-American community and other minority groups. There is a vast richness of culture and diversity among these groups that has not been expressed. We believe in not only celebrating these individuals but also discussing current affairs affecting and influencing them and their environment.

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we love giving you great content.

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