‘Charcoal’ tackles colorism
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‘Charcoal’ tackles colorism

We live for movies and documentaries that tackle issued that women of color face. Charcoal hones in on the destructive generational cycle of colorism, from the perspective of a child, a teenager, and a mother. The film follows the women as they seek self-acceptance and redemption.   Charcoal has been screening at the 8th Annual Silicon Valley … Continue reading

#WCW  – Seodi White: Making the Law Work for Women
#WCW: Women Who Slay / Culture

#WCW – Seodi White: Making the Law Work for Women

Seodi White is a social development lawyer, socio-legal researcher and writer on women’s human rights. As an African feminist and Director of Women and the Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust (WLSA Malawi), she has been influential in achieving ground-breaking law reform to protect women’s rights, and in promoting women’s access to justice … Continue reading