The Showrooming trend

A new report published by Juniper/Research (JR) has found that final purchases made on mobile phone plus tablets are will most likely reach 707 billion dollars by 2018, which will mean that they will take up 30 percent of all E-Retail at that time. If we compare this statistic with the amounts spent on mobile retail last year, of 182 billion dollars, we can notice that mobile retail accounted for around 15 percent of E-Retail.

The report on topic research– (Mobile/Payment for Digital and Physical Goods): Opportunities and Forecast 2014/2018 – reveals that big retail companies were paying more and more attention in building strategies to build their mobile presence, using it for (hub) facilitating payment, product discovery plus customer service. At last of this, it appeared that the size and range of online payments for both smartphones as well as tablets were increasing very suddenly. However, for those who use both cell-phones and tablets, there was a strong trend towards the browsing on the mobile phone while completing the purchase on the tablet. It appears that towards end of 2013/Global spend on retail on tablets per month had exceeded the one on cell-phones.

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The (Showrooming) Trend: how to tackle it?

The published report also highlighted the increasing trends towards the so-called ‘showrooming’. ” Showrooming” is a growing trend, where consumers tend to check for product prices online, while they are browsing them in the store. Research reports advice retailers to adapt their strategies to be able to tackle this activity in their favor, by providing tablets equipped through M/POS {mobile Point of Sale}/capability in their online stores. At the same time, they should introduce an option for consumers to explore price matching. This should help companies build their credibility with their consumers, and prevent them from being distracted from shopping. , This means that the the companies should make it available for purchase to be made instantly, without having a customer browsing through to store. This unbelievable transformation that retailers are advised to undertake, shows just how much mobile purchasing trend has a strong influence on modern retail. Any serious retailer should just not allow themselves to neglect to address this issue.

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In spite of research advice, it appears that many retailers are still tackling so hard with adjusting to trends of mobile purchase, that they are forgetting to pay attention to tablets! This just might be a big mistake, because tablet-shopping, even though behind mobile-shopping, is still a very influential trend.

Other findings from relevant research include:

  • (Cyber Monday), published in 2013. It’s stated here that retail sales made on mobile and tablet devices are approaching 400 million dollars in the United States alone

• For digital goods shopping, retail owners who manage to make their billing available on mobile phones, should be able to profit from the growing ”Showrooming” trend, for the 1st time.

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