The stakes are high for The NBA Finals

The long-awaited first game of The NBA Finals has finally arrived! The fight for the title began long before the season started as both Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. It is fair to say both Warriors and Cavaliers are fully aware of how many teams before them have had promising wins to this coveted championship.

We are close to witnessing the next big thing in a new era in basketball.

All the usual teams predicted to win the championship are now spectators to this new era. Neither Golden State nor Cleveland has had the opportunity to be celebrated like this in a very long time. Golden State has not had this privilege in 40 years and now has the honor of doing so with their KIA MVP Stephen Curry on their team. Cleveland on the other hand has a great story to tell with the return of their prodigal son LeBron James bringing them one step closer to being champions.

There are many discussions playing around this NBA Finals because of the many levels to the significance of these two teams being able to succeed in getting to this point. For the Cavaliers, their star player LeBron is going to be making his fifth consecutive appearance in The Finals, and will step onto the Oracle Arena tonight with his team as the underdogs. Yes, underdogs. The Warriors have already been predicted as the next big team, who may possibly face other teams in The Finals, years to come.

The Warriors are foreign to playing any game this late in the season. It is uncharted territory for Stephen Curry and for some feel as if he may not have grasped the full scope of how high the stakes are for him and his team. They have however made it this far and should focus on Game 1 first.

The Cavaliers understand the significance of the game, however it is more of a historical significance for LeBron who has had enough experience on winning and losing at the end. For him having another opportunity to win is great, but to win from a place where it all began for him would be phenomenal. To return to his home, get his team to The Finals and walk off empty-handed will be devastating. The perspective and the pressures of both teams in this game are palpable.

With as many predictions, perceived advantages and frenzy that has painted this series, the most important thing for both teams to keep in mind is to remain focused on the now. Nothing is guaranteed.

Game 1 will be aired on ABC 9pm EST.

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