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Book review: What I know for sure, Tavis Smiley

Here is a great memoir of poverty, ambition, pain, the well ­know talk­ show host Tavis Smiley describes growing up in a white community in Indiana and he describes all the things that affected his life and how he overcame the ills of society.

He grew up in a very large family in a trailer park in Indiana where having money was truly an issue. I am sure some people can relate to this situation. He grew up feeling out of place in a area where blacks were scarce and it is very important to find your way when the odds were already against you. He talks about incidents where he was beaten by his father and the time he spent in the foster care. This is definitely a great read for the summer. This is a very enjoyable autobiography that is worth reading and very intriguing.

Written by Mr Devere Kelley, Contributor, Good Reads

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