Natural styles to get you through the week? YES!

Being a curly girl and working a corporate job can be hard sometimes when you want your natural hair style to work just the way you want all week! Sometimes frizz kicks in or your twist out didn’t workout long enough to last the full week. Sometimes the weather makes things worse when its humid or wet. Don’t fret we found some great, easy low manipulation styles to get you through any work week! Some of these styles will work for longer hair and others for shorter hair. either way we’re sure you’ll find great inspiration and an easier time with these videos.

by Janae Mason on

We love this idea of a tapered look without cutting your own hair. It gives your hair dimension and you can play with the curls all week. Create a new style closer to the end of the week, by combing out a few curls!

by @mrshairtoday2012 on

This is so easy and quick to do especially for the days you don’t feel like dong your two strand twists or when you literally don’t have time. You just need to give your edges some ‘TLC’ during the week and you could pull this off till Friday.

by Tiffany Nichols Design on

This is so creative and refreshing. It gives a good break away from the usual styles and gives lots of attention to your face. Also great for hot summers and cold winters. You can easily transition from workday to a night out with the same style perfectly.
by @amber_belovely on

How cute is this bun! This is great if you need more than a week break from styling your hair. Plus you don’t need to schedule an appointment with your salon to do it.

by Embrace The Natural You on and

You can still have a cute style with your ‘TWA.’ Curl formers are your best friend especially for those transitioning or the big chop.
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