Work and travel with a 7 figure salary at 33! How did she do it?

kisha-maysWouldn’t you love to get paid a seven-figure salary and travel the world? It couldn’t be more true for Kisha Mays.

Kisha Mays is a 33-year-old CEO and is based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. She is out of the United States 8 months out of the year and has several work commitments and projects everywhere. Her projects extend from Malaysia to India. What does Kisha Mays actually do? As the CEO of Just Fearless, a company that helps women with business development and expansion into international markets.How does she manage to run a successful business and travel? Mays shares some important advice:

Do not stay in Hotels

Owning a business and traveling around can become costly when dealing with the expensive hotel stays. Mays avoids hotels altogether and prefers to rent a home for the duration of her stay. She uses Airbnb that offers solutions for travelers not wanting to stay in hotels. Mays was able to rent amazing places with breathtaking views. Save on hotel costs and enjoy the environment like a local.

Use technology to streamline work

Mays company manages a team of 17 including freelancers. Multitasking while traveling can become a headache as majority of the time something does get neglected. How does Mays do it? She uses three apps to keep her on track and on the same page with her team. Mays uses:

Trello, which helps her keep track of all her work and helps aid conversations with her team. It’s the best project management tool to have.

XE Currency App, is her life line. With her travels its easy to lose track of how much is being spent on items in different currencies.

Evernote, keeping track of everything at once. Whether she needs to jot down a few points or set reminders, she never leaves without it.

Low Overheads

Mays has mastered business. She keeps low overheads to create high profits. She takes home an average of 70% of her annual revenue. This revenue screaming in the millions, 3.5 million for 2015 and is projected to hit $5 million by the end of the year. She keeps low overheads by hiring freelancers and outsourcing. She also has managed to get all her traveling expenses as a tax-deductible expense.

Mays, like many other entrepreneurs emphasizes the need for self investment. Fear of launching won’t get you anywhere. She advises that believing in yourself and implementation is the best form of success. She has had her set backs and failures, which she says is a learning experience to what she owes her success today.

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