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UFL: INVERT Magazine

The rise in African designers in the art, design and fashion industry has grown in the past years. Notable highlights of African talent have graced covers like Vogue magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, however many are still far and few between. Africa has a lot of unseen talent that has yet to scratch the surface of mainstream media.

Where do people find the talent gems and polished diamonds that the continent bears? We found a photographer who is sharing this same sentiment as has taken it upon himself to shine a brighter light on African talent.

Meet Elijah Semosa. A budding South African entrepreneur in the heart of Johannesburg.  Semosa created INVERT Magazine with the intention to change and be inspired by those who stand out in one way or another. The goal of INVERT is to showcase unseen raw talent. He, like many South Africans felt that there is so much talent bubbling in the country, but no one is present to put a spotlight.

The SOul Poet shot by Elijah Semosa

The Soul Poet shot by Elijah Semosa

There is an immense amount of talent that the continent holds, but unfortunately all the major publications barely take note of them unless somebody else does.  Elijah decided to be those people who actively seek out unknown talent and let their work speak for its self. “We all know that as an underdog, we have a lot to prove. We wanted to give them a chance to exactly that.  Giving them a platform to express everything through their garments,” explains Semosa.

INVERT’s main focus is to provide quality resources to the talented and unknown fashion designers, boutiques, models. They do not have access to the things a major publication possesses. This is in the form of photography, videography, publishing and much more. It makes the world of difference just having that in order to show their talents to the world the right way.


When asked why they started INVERT Semosa says, “we honestly wanted to develop a platform where truly talented fashion designers can flourish and where other designers can find inspiration from seeing other different and dynamic takes on fashion. Where the consumer can find unique fashion to style themselves with and express truly unique look and sense of style.  A place where people can always find something new within fashion.”

Shot by Elijah Semosa

Shot by Elijah Semosa

INVERT is for Africans. Although based in South Africa, Semosa wants to open the imagination to different ways of composing garments,styling garments and creating an identity. More on INVERT’s initiative visit

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