On the Scene in Detroit: 3rd Annual Embrace the Natural You Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo

Detroit known for Motown and the big 3 is now becoming the comeback city. It is full of budding entrepreneurs making a change in the city they love. Genevieve Anyiah, CEO of Embrace The Natural You, a natural hair and body product company decided to host an annual event for Detroit’s natural hair, health and beauty scene.

The 3rd Annual Embrace the Natural You Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo in Detroit, MI attracted over 500 women to McGregor Memorial Conference Center at Wayne State University on July 11th, 2015. Special guests included Jenell B. Stewart, Award Winning Beauty Editor of, as well as Jouelzy, Author of “Send It On” and curator of the #SmartBrownGirl movement!

Attendees were able to indulge in educational workshops related to hair, health and beauty. The event usually attracts women from all over Southeastern Michigan and surrounding states. Guests had access to many natural hair care companies founded locally in Michigan. Notable companies such as Original Moxie, Embrace the Natural You, Mielle Organics, and Everbutter. Anyiah, of Embrace the Natural You is a firm believer that leading a healthy lifestyle reflects in the hair, skin and nails and the greatest reward is educating African American women to become more health conscious and the expo is the perfect platform to do it!

“The goal of the event and Embrace the Natural You is inspiring confidence in all women and encourage them to rock their natural tresses whether it be curls, waves, kinks or coils!” says Anyiah. You can follow @embracethenaturalyou on Instragram or Facebook and also visit

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