Behind the Business

Behind the Business: Kalaya Long, Lulena Hair Co

We love inspiring stories from amazing people across the globe who are doing great things. This week’s feature focuses on Kalaya Long, co-founder of Lulena Hair Co. Lulena Hair Co. specializes in hair extensions for natural 3b-4c textures. Our mantra is “natural beauty for all.”

Who is Kalaya Long?

As the owner of Lulena Hair Co, I’m not a famous blogger, I’m not a seasoned hair stylist, I’m simply a woman that knows feeling fabulous and having great hair is essential to confidence and poise. I graduated from a small university with a BA in Advertising and PR, after working in sports and economic development it helped me gain a better understanding of customer service and the power of a great brand.

What is Lulena Hair Co?

Lulena Hair Co. specializes in hair extensions for natural 3b-4c textures. Our mantra is “natural beauty for all,” our purpose is to make women feel like their best selves. Lulena understands that enhancing what you already have can mean using a product that adds length, volume, or color to your natural tresses. Quality and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive to Lulena Hair Co.

What made you leap forward to make the first step to LuLena Hair Co?

The company was birthed from my own needs. I used a product that stripped my curl pattern. Thoroughly frustrated, I started wearing sew-ins for protective styling but I never found human hair extensions that matched my natural texture. I knew I wasn’t the only woman having this issue, after locating a quality product I jumped right in.

How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?

Well I was initially wearing the extensions just for myself. After so many women asked how long it took for me to grow my hair, lol, I knewww it was imperative to offer the product to other women.

So after getting set up with LuLena Hair Co, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve?

There are so many ups and down to starting a new business. Our first samples we ordered but were shipped to an old address by the supplier. The pieces were stolen and were never retrieved. It set us back by a month but never derailed our mission, we just check and doubleee check shipping information now a days.

What products and services do you offer?

We offers weft hair extensions 12′ to 20′ inches. Our collections come in (3) different textures for curl patterns ranging from 3b – 4c. Beginning in Fall 2015 we’ll begin carrying clip ins, closures, and wigs.

How does LuLena Hair Co help women with natural hair?

Ohhh this is my favorite thing to talk about with women. I’m all about convenience but ensuring your natural hair isn’t neglected. Our hair extensions give you versatility, and they allow women to try different styles, colors, or textures without putting a ton of stress and manipulation on your real hair.

What is your advice to potential business owners having a fear of launching?

I use to envy business owners, especially the ones that were passionate about their product or service. BUT when my opportunity came to help other women I was elated. I would tell other budding entrepreneurs that if you see a niche, even if other people are making money in the space – do it! Make sure you do your homework, understand the numbers. (e.g) How much does it cost me to make or manufacture this product? How much will I sell it for? What are my profit margins after fixed and variable costs? Do I want a business partner? What are my funding options? These are all questions you need to ask yourself first. Then LEAP!

Where and how can people find you?

Visit our website

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – @LulenaHairCo

Look out for us in your city! We’ll be doing pop up shops across the U.S. and potentially Europe in 2016.

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