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Time to pull the plug!

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Fall is right round the corner and we know those energy bills will start rising. Saving energy and money around the house is as easy as pulling the plug. We have a list of electronics you SHOULD (or shouldn’t) unplug to save you some coins!

Unplug It!

  1. Chargers

Leave your charger plugged into the wall? Everybody is guilty of this! We leave things plugged into the wall – phones, laptops, cordless phones and even our electric toothbrushes. Leaving those chargers plugged in are racking up your electric bill every minute even when they are not hooked to your device. Unplug it once your device is at 100%

  1. Small kitchen appliances

Ok so here’s the deal, there are some kitchen appliances that will not be ok to unplug. There are some almost impossible to unplug like; oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. So what can you save money on by unplugging? Your coffee maker, digital clock on your and microwave can be unplugged. The clock on the microwave means its using energy – so if you don’t need to know the time, unplug it.

  1. Entertainment system

Our number one offender is the entertainment system. The LED lights blinking at you from the TV or the cable box are draining your wallet. I know what you’re thinking- “if I’m unplugging all the devices each time I finish my favorite show, just to plug them up all again and wait for them to reboot is not going to happen.” You’re right. You should unplug when you leave for work or a vacation.

  1. Computers

So those pretty screen savers are not saving a thing. And no, standby and sleep mode doesn’t help you either. Shutdown your PC and unplug it when you go to sleep. You will save money and your PC. If there’s a storm unplug it. It will save you from damaging your PC.

Plug it!

  1. Power strips

Leave the power strips in. You can consolidate your power usage by cutting off to all your devices at once. It will prevent phantom power usage.

  1. Refrigerator

We can’t do without food and definitely without a refrigerator. This is the one appliance that has to stay on or the food will go bad. However, you can switch the refrigerator bulb. Buy an energy saver light bulb. You will save a little buy switching.

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