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Behind the Business: Kat Diamond; Rosebud Organics

We love inspiring stories from amazing people across the globe who are doing great things. This week’s feature focuses on Kat Diamond. Kat Diamond is a the Founder, Creator, and CEO of Rosebud Organics.

Photo Credit: [Asian Lily Breeze] (N.D). Retrieved December 6, 2015 by

Photo Credit: [Asian Lily Breeze] (N.D). Retrieved December 6, 2015 by

Who is Kat Diamond?

I am a Mom, wife, author of “22 quotes” a motivational book, moms of multiples blogger,  and an all around entrepreneur. I aspire to inspire others, I’m grounded.

Prior to Rosebud Organics I was working a dreadful job that I ultimately hated, in the midst of fate I was blessed with my second child and that ultimately started to change me inside and out, I decided I wanted to raise my children (two at the time), and leave the workforce to be a full-time mom. Within a year of my coming home to do so, my husband and I discovered we were expecting, AGAIN! This time it was twins and life was never the same. While being a full-time mom I decided I wanted to do something to create an income while staying home with my babies.

Since the start I have focused on what I would like to do with Rosebud Organics, and discovered what my purpose. I feel passionate about my work and ethic; I feel like I am creating products that are wholeheartedly.

What is Rosebud Organics?

We are a Holistic Lifestyle inspired skin and body care company. We are a small business that was inspired by making a living while still raising my children, all in and hands on! We offer a various line of products that are all-natural, organic, and handmade in a variety of fragrances, that can vary by season, but we carry our signature classics.

What made you leap forward to make the first step to Rosebud Organics?

I was giving my products away to people because I initially only made the  scrubs because I just couldn’t afford the ones in the mall, after giving out a few samples, I was asked to create one to sale….and Rosebud Organics was born! I started researching and my kitchen became my laboratory. I was in the kitchen for weeks creating new stuff and trying all kinds of stuff, I practiced until I mastered it

How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?

I have always been a baker, home chef, bartender, and I lotto be in the kitchen. Being able to use my baking and mixing skills in the dynamics of Rosebud Organics gives me a satisfaction like no other, I feel like this is it, I had dreamed before but this time it seemed more like a reality, I love what I do, can’t wait to create tons of more stuff!

So after getting set up with Rosebud Organics, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve?

After I decided to do and make this a business the biggest challenge was the money to grow and add things to my product line, after all I had a million things in my head and creating a plan to get them out of my head and into reality. I had to use the money wisely as I invested my own when I could and the reciprocal of sales helped out a lot. Then I knew that all it would take is one loyal client to spread the word because deep down inside I knew I had something awesome!

Making products that would just sit because I did not have a consistent clientele and I would think maybe this is not it! I wouldn’t have sales for weeks and then Boom! I had to learn that small businesses are the hardest in the first year, but not to give up.

What products do you offer?

I offer natural, handmade, organic body care and beauty products. I offer things like body butters and creams, body scrubs, face scrubs & oils, body mists, body wash, bath sand, bath bombs, lip balm, and the list is and will keep growing. I specifically specialize in organic and natural, I am holistic and I hope to inspire the same for my clients.

What is your advice to potential business owners having a fear of launching?

“Don’t give up, keep pushing, keep praying, and get comfortable getting out of your comfort zone, because that’s when change happens!” Find a team of real Fans who love your stuff, and the rest will unfold on it’s own….You can speak on your experience

Where and how can people find you?

I am on Instagram @Rosebudorganics

Facebook | 2 pages

Twitter @rosebudorganics

Rosebud Organics | Moms of Multiples community

Amazon (22 quotes by Kat Diamond)

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