An open letter to Sugar Daddy: Sugar Daddies and Menstrual Cycles?

Dear Sugar Daddy.

This month we celebrate Christmas. As you well know it is probably going to be a difficult month for you. I mean you have your wife at home to buy gifts for as well as your own kids and extended family that may live on your property. Crucial to that however you can’t forget that you have your sugar baby waiting on the sidelines.

All year you have showered her with gifts and December really shouldn’t be any different. In fact, considering the standard that you have set during the year I expect that Sugar Baby is going to be hopeful for a pricey gift.

It goes without saying that you may not see Sugar Baby a lot during this festive period for many reasons including the fact that your wife is at home 24/7 or because Sugar Baby has been sent to visit granny for the holidays. I mean, she is only 16 after all and needs to culture relationships with her cousins.

On the off chance that you do see Sugar Baby this holiday may I please make you aware of an interesting report released by in October. These statistics in the report were shocking and I’m positive that you must have seen them since you are engaging in transactional sex with a minor.

Actually, I shouldn’t even sugar coat it and should rather call you out for your behaviour. When you have sex with a minor it is actually rape. Before you tell me that it wasn’t rape just don’t. She is a minor, you are a major which means that her ‘consent’ doesn’t count with you. End of story. Don’t bring it up again.

So, on the off chance that you do manage the chance to rape your Sugar Baby please take into account that these are the statistics. In South Africa 800 girls between the ages of 15-19 are infected with HIV per week. Per week. 800 girls. 800. Let us break down the numbers since your good at juggling them to support so many people off of your salary.

A year has on average 365 days. 800 girls for every week would give us a total of 41 600 new infections per year. This is just for the age group of 15-19.

I’m not saying that you infected all these girls, or that you have infected any girl at all because that would be ludicrous and could amount to a law suit for defamation of character. What I am saying is that 41 600 is a big number. Any you contributing even 1 more to that statistic it too much. Even if you are ‘paying for it’.

However, I am not all doom and gloom and if you insist on spending money on young girls may be the first to request you to donate money to these organizations

They both help distribute sanitary products to girls who are in situations that don’t allow them to use such. As a result of inaccessibility on average these girls lose up to 60 days of school because they can’t attend as they are menstruating. This is a ridiculous over-site by our government because by not being proactive they are enabling a society which consistently puts female rights in the back burner.

So this Christmas I plead with you not to rape a girl and to rather give a girl access to her full schooling career and reduce her risk of contracting HIV.




Hulisani the intersectional feminist who still believes in romantic gestures and saving mother earth.

Hulisani the intersectional feminist who still believes in romantic gestures and saving mother earth.


Written by Hulisani, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad

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