You may have several seats! 4 Hell to the naw things you have to leave in 2015


We are almost done with January and setting the tone for the year ahead. It may still be early but time has proven to go really quickly in the blink of an eye. With that said, we need to set some important ground rules for establishing Melanaire status all year round. Here’s how to start:


  • Squash that self doubt!


In case you haven’t looked in the mirror or actually quite noticed how amazing you are – YOU need to do that immediately! Bad-ass mentality should come standard and that self doubt needs to be left at the door and ready for trash collection. Granted we all have something about us that we absolutely wish we had enough coins to change – BUT don’t focus on that. Love you. You are amazing.


  • Positive vibes only

positive vibes only

Karma is the ultimate bitch and that doesn’t mean you have to compete. Leave the shade for The Shaderoom! Create positive energy by manifesting on things and people that will uplift you and make you happy. Vision boards help keep you focused and less distracted. Eat like your life depends on it! Literally – eat healthy. A clear mind and a clean body keeps the doctor away. Health is wealth and put yourself and your health first. You cannot make money and stretch yourself thin to make ends meet, only to put your health at risk with stress.


  • Mean business


Whether you own a business, want to own a business or just be the best damn thing at your job – do it like you mean business! Cut the sloppy attitude or “I don’t need to be here” service. If you hate your job that much – understand the only thing stopping you from doing better is YOU. Trust the process. Nothing is permanent and neither is your stinky attitude to the bad day you are having. Treat yourself like a brand and not just a check collector. Understand that putting your best foot forward -ALWAYS- yields way more better results than side eyeing the annoying co-worker who had to ask you to fill in for them today.


  • Assert your worth



This applies to every aspect of your life, especially relationships. Bad energy is transferred, so if you’re with a miserable person – you’ll be miserable! Assess the value of the time you give in any relationship and weigh in on how it has evolved you. If you cannot see the growth. You better cut that relationship off like split ends. It can be hard. that’s undeniable – but understand that the longer you stay in misery the more you kill whatever ounce of happiness you could possibly manifest.


Stay Queenin’ – Adjust that crown and carry.




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