Dear Beyonce, We Cannot Unite.

We Cannot Unite. Before I begin, let it be known that I am not part of the “BeyHive” [it’s ridiculous that this needs to be stated to make a point about Beyonce.] However, I feel it necessary to co-sign on the issue and disagree with the disgruntled women of color and their concerns towards the recent Super Bowl performance and ‘Formation.’

Formation Super Bowl 50 performance

Formation Super Bowl 50 performance

We Cannot Unite. The problem is greater than the performance; the clothes, and it is certainly far greater than the hair! The above mentioned, are the topics of discussion that have drowned the symbolism and the message behind the song. For whatever reason, some naturals, conscious brothers, and sisters have magnified these three things as the main reasons why the message and symbolism cannot be PRO-BLACK. Comments on why her hair is braided instead of in an afro do not relegate her from the cause. Is this not the same reason certain naturals chastise you for not wearing natural hair as if the degree of your blackness is determined by your curls. FYI she had an afro in the video [not that it matters.]

Guess this Afro doesn't count. Maybe its the Blonde.

Guess this Afro doesn’t count. Maybe it’s the Blonde.

Oh no! This doesn’t count because it’s BLONDE, and probably fake hair. I guess our Egyptian Queens shouldn’t have donned wigs either.

When blonde isn't Pro Black. Maybe they should dye their pretty Afros.

When blonde isn’t Pro Black. Maybe they should dye their beautiful Afros.

We Cannot Unite. Anyone who has researched the Black Panther Movement will know those women in the organization also wore short skirts. Why are we tearing down women for being sexy? Are we not sexual creatures? Can we not relay a powerful message and use our sexual power? We have shunned the clothes worn at the Super Bowl halftime instead of realizing the amount of power that exuded in that performance. Where have we had the opportunity to see BLACK WOMEN expressing themselves, symbolically honoring THE BLACK PANTHERS, MALCOLM X, MICHAEL JACKSON during BLACK HISTORY MONTH? If that wasn’t enough, they highlight KATRINA, BLACK LIVES MATTER, POLICE BRUTALITY on a majority white mainstream TELEVISION network? Why are you so offended?

Tina Turner, Diana Ross and other Black Female Artists in "sexy" outfits

Tina Turner, Diana Ross and other Black Female Artists in “sexy” outfits

Alas, this wasn’t the way it needed to be done. And if you are part of the BeyHive you can only be crazy for worshipping and idolizing Beyonce, instead of looking at how she’s capitalizing from the struggle.

We Cannot Unite. We have complained, used hashtags and wrote Instagram posts about how our people of color in prominent places are not speaking out. Beyonce comes out and speaks through her music. Not only does she get roasted by white mainstream media, but we the people she’s advocating, are tearing down THE MESSAGE. The message. Because “carrying hot sauce in my purse is not a black thing,” and her blonde braids are not either. Let’s not forget the reference to our black noses, that have been removed from many artifacts our ancestors have made, to “whitewash” history. How can a black woman love her husband and talk about it so openly – sexually?! Oh yeah, that’s because black love shouldn’t be celebrated. We’ll just talk that stick talk and get down in DMs.

Glad someone gets it

Glad someone gets it

We Cannot Unite because we’re still stuck on how some of us feel about Beyonce as an artist, so we’re just going to ignore this call to action, continue our Social Media high road and talk about injustices. Then, sit down to do nothing. We will allow them to label Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers and Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance as promoting terrorist ideals. We will continue to bicker frivolously about clothing, hair, Illuminati, capitalization of the struggle because we are doing so much more by highlighting Beyonce’s Illuminati status, clothes [lack there of] and hair, instead of taking solution based actions to unite for the real struggle.



We can have a difference in opinions, but for those who are awake clearly see the discussions and the mindset we have are the real reason We Cannot Unite.


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