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7 Days With A Lazy Naturalista

Being Natural has its moments, especially during wash day and humid days! But nothing grinds a lazy natural more than dealing with days like that and more. If you’re a lazy natural you’ll definitely relate!

Day 1 – Saturday

Washed my hair.

Did not pre-poo because I wasn’t in the mood. In fact, I didn’t even wash my hair in sections like I should have. Plus I used regular shampoo because I ran out of my fancy one. I did condition it though. Left my favourite conditioner on for a good 3 hours as I cleaned the house, so thumbs up to me.

Finger detangled and used coconut oil. Will sleep with my hair in African threading tonight and tomorrow I will put my hair in twists.

Day 2 – Sunday

Got home from teaching Sunday school. Cooked. Washed the car. Sat in front of the T.V.

flat twist

Flat Twist

I’m sure the flat twist that I put in this morning can last me until tomorrow evening. I will definitely put twists in tomorrow. Plus I need a trim.

Day  3 – Monday

Monday’s are the actual worst!

Hair looks fine. I will just brush up the edges tomorrow morning. Tuesdays are always better anyway.

Day 4 – Tuesday

10 p.m is never the right time to start your hair. Ever! And why did I decide that braiding my hair would be easier than just a simple twist

Lord, give me strength to finish this. Otherwise, I will wear a headscarf tomorrow.

At least my hair is finally getting some moisture though.

Day 5 – Wednesday

I hate the braids. I always do. Yet somehow I try and convince myself otherwise each and every time.

I need to take them out before Friday. Wore a headscarf.



Head wrap Day

Sidenote – I really need a trim.

Day 6 – Thursday

3 inches!!!!!!!!!

This is exactly what happens when you trim your hair tired! You mistakenly cut off half a braid. That’s my hair! Years of growth just gone!!!

oops (1)


I’m contemplating just cutting all my hair now.

Day 7 – Friday

I promise to do better next week. Starting with wash day tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even twist my hair?



Hulisani the Intersectional Feminist. Hopeless Romantic. Lover of life. Blog: ther earth.

Written by: Hulisani Khorombi,Staff writer, #mygirlsquad

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