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Black Girl Slay! MGS Highlights 2 Amazing Young Queens


Photo Cred: Akilah Johnson’s Google for Doodle Retrieved March 27, 2016 from http://www.google.com/doodle4google/2015/images/doodles/akilah-johnson_winner.jpg

Every time you search anything on Google, you see beautiful illustrations of their letters right above the search box. Recently, the Google Company announced their Doodle 4 Google Challenge nationwide. This year’s theme was “What Makes Me. . . Me”. Artists from kindergarten all the way up to twelfth graders entered the contest and Google chose four finalists and many state and territory winners. But the National Winner of the Doodle 4 Google was sophomore Akilah Johnson from Washington. The illustration, My Afrocentric Life, included symbols of black heritage and signs representing the Black Lives Matter movement. As a reward, Akilah was given a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 grant to her school.

lemonade girl

Photo Cred: BeeSweet Lemonade Retrieved: March 27,2016 from https://www.google.com/images

Mikaila Ulmer, now eleven years old, recently signed a million dollar contract with Whole Foods. Her naturally flavored lemonade made her the inspiring entrepreneur she is today and she thanks the bees for it. Mikaila first appeared on Shark Tank, a reality show where building entrepreneurs get the chance to invest their service or product with billionaires, and she landed a $60,000 investment for her lemonade stand. You may ask, “What’s so special about her lemonade?” It was a question asked on the show as well. Not only are all her ingredients natural, but the key ingredient is honey. With every purchased bottle, the customer saves a bee.

These two girls have really paved the way for child success. It shows that no matter what the age, you can make your mark! If you want to be an artist like Akilah, register for the next drawing contest. If you want to be an entrepreneur like Mikaila, sell your product or service! Nothing can hold you back but yourself. These two young ladies definitely didn’t let a simple thing like age or color get in their way. Day by day and year by year, you will start to see that children are waving flags of success.


Sunday Owens. I am currently a junior at Fairfield High Preparatory School in Alabama. I enjoy reading and hope to be a best selling author in the future. IG @sunnydnumber3 Read more posts here zorintiger101 – Wattpad

Written By: Sunday Owens, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad

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