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Raising Nomads; Traveling With Kids Made Easier.

We love inspiring stories from amazing people across the globe who are doing great things. This week’s feature focuses on Angie Stubbs. An attorney by day and a travel hunting machine by night. Angie started Raising Nomads Travel Co. A company that not only plans adventures for families with children.

Who is Angie Stubbs?

I love to travel and I love hospitality. I’ve been inviting people to come along on my vacation adventures for years, almost always planning everything for everyone. My jobs have allowed me to travel and it was one of the best feelings in the world. How often do we get to blend work and play?! Since starting my own family and Raising Nomads Travel Co, my love of travel has heightened. I help families plan their ultimate getaway, whether it’s a staycation, a family reunion or a week in Paris, we make it happen without stress.

What is Raising Nomads?

 This is no ordinary travel agency. I’ll help you and your family travel and discover adventure around the world, or in your own backyard! Traveling with little ones involve a lot more planning that traveling alone and often people don’t even know where to start or how to do it easily. Raising Nomads helps you navigate the entire vacation process – from what to pack, best times to fly, kid friendly resorts and everything in between. It’s like having your own personal assistant when traveling! That’s where I come in!

What made you leap forward to make the first step to starting Raising Nomads?

Where do I start? Figuring out what my next venture in life was like assembling a 1,000 piece puzzle. It was pretty messy – and confusing. I had a ton of interest, but nothing that really charged me like travel. One day it hit me – start a travel company for families.  I needed something to unleash what I had learned about traveling, and traveling with kids in particular. Something fresh. Something that I could throw my heart and expertise into. I feel like helping parents with the logistics of travel wasn’t readily available out there.  How many travel agents are telling parents there is a nursing pod at Atlanta airport or sending them books and snacks for free for their kid’s journey?

How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?

It wasn’t a particular scenario that convinced me that this is what I wanted to do as much as a scenario that let me know I was on the right track. My husband missed our flight to Dallas but I made the flight with our two girls, who were 10 months and a little over 2 then. He had the diaper bag! But, I made it work. I had a bottle in my purse, some basic snacks and a diaper. I used the backseat magazines to keep the two year old entertained with the pictures and gave the 10 month older her bottle when it was clear she wanted it and not just to have. I also learned that the airline I was flying did not have snacks for kids (the flight attendant offered me mixed nuts for my girls), something I hadn’t paid much attention to when flying by myself. I thought how parents need to know these things and how you can fly with the basics (ok, more than I had though) and it still be an enjoyable trip for everyone. Not long after my business started, I was featured in The Network Journal about helping families travel easier. I knew I’d hit an under served market.

So after getting set up, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve? Everything was a setback or so it seems. I hit the ground running, but it took forever to get my website going, which still doesn’t look like I’d want it to, to get  my message out and to select a logo.  When you’re not a techie, it can be hard to find the right people for the right job. It took a really long time to get my logo to me. I had to really push the company I used to be responsive, even after I paid for the work. Those kinds of logistics can be hard to deal with when all I want to do is book vacations and give parents tips on traveling with children.

Do you have any featured products, sales, promotions, launches – etc?

Our signature product is the Young Nomads Travel Kit.  It’s a small pouch  filled with everything you need for a trip up to 5 hours or so: diapers, wipes, a book to keep the little ones busy and a snack. It’s been a time and life saver for our customers that’s used it. There’s more about the kit on We’re working on more products that make it easier for families at their destination as well. We want parents to JUST GET ON THE PLANE and we’ll take care of everything else.

There is always a stigma that comes with parents and kids on a plane, not to mention the passengers who are unforgiving with a crying baby. How does Raising Nomads help put parents minds at ease?

I traveled for years with family and friends and would observe all the “stuff” parents with youngsters packed onto the plane. It wasn’t until I was one one those parents with two kids in tow, that I figured I could help make these experiences easier. There’s a lot of fear when parents travel. I wanted to work with all those fears and questions and put their minds at ease.  So we created the Young Nomads Travel Kit and I tweet and post about specifics in locations, such as which restrooms in airports or popular tourist restaurants have changing tables, does the in-flight entertainment require the use of your tablet and should you bring more than one, what’s the latest at Disney, which airports have playrooms for kids, etc. I want to help people plan as specifically as possible to make the vacation a true vacation for the parents as well as the kids. Within the next week or so, my new blogs will be up and this information will be consolidated into one space. The info will be on (which also has info on weddings, girlfriend getaways, cruises) and the new kiddie specific blog “Car Seats and Carry-ons” .

What is your advice to people having a fear of launching their business?

Be willing to listen and do the hard work. Ownership looks and sounds soooooo good until you are knee deep in it without all the expertise to help make it a success. Figure out your client and messaging and don’t try to figure it all out in 2 hours!! It takes time, rejection, feedback and more to see it coming together.

How can people find you?

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and  Facebook at Raising Nomads Travel.

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