That Scary Biological Alarm

How was your mother’s day weekend? Sorry, I have to take you back there. Was your house all colorful, rosy and sparkling or you had one boring weekend like mine? Maybe it’s time to pop the ‘mini me’ ready for next year mother’s day.

I have 2 weddings in June and about 3 in July and honestly I don’t care about the rest all, I care is December will be Christmas. But wait, how is it that everybody I know is getting married now. Are they all truly in love? Are they really soul mates? Are they surely ready to dig into marriage life and it’s not that wedding celebration excitement? Or is that little scary alarm manipulating them?


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“You have a job, you are grown and beautiful, you are responsible, a great cook, a matured lady and fun to be with but for how long are you planning to remain single?” I’m so sick of this comment or even more annoying questions and other random comments similar to this which, I come through at least twice a month. Every time after my cousins or my high school friends  will announce their engagements or come out alive and all smiley  holding their chubby babies after battling between life and death in the labor room someone must give me an eye or pop in my inbox asking ‘When is my time?’

I’ll be celebrating my 29th birthday in October and I’m so excited about it. I have multiple ideas of how perfect and memorable I should celebrate my last year of the 20s, but my joy isn’t well understood in my society.  They all think I’m a lonely being, an incomplete woman, some sort of a shame to my parents especially my mom because as a single woman in my age my mama might not have taught me well. Oh really? Where was it written a girl should be married in her early 20s and a single girl by 30 is a curse? Somebody, please give me an expiration date of getting married, maybe my knowledge isn’t too good here.


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If by life being kept together means having your father walk you down the aisle by the age of  25 in your beautiful mermaid white gown and having your mama shaking her African hips and big booty  on the dancing floor while giving an eye to her neighbors that her daughter is getting married then I’m far from being perfect.  If life being kept together is by feeding my Instagram timeline with my gorgeous bling that Mr. Right proposed to me in a surprise beach night in Zanzibar and having Munaluchi bride and wedding Naija repost my feed and congratulate me then I agree my life is a total mess.

Doesn’t life being kept together mean being matured enough, making my own income, paying my bills, feeding myself, changing my wardrobe, paying for my vacations, and being responsible for all my actions that I don’t end up disappointing myself for the fear of the little alarm, the little alarm that doesn’t even scare me really, but it scares those who think I’m unpacked. Because at the end of the day it shall be me and him in our home, so our joys and pains will be upon us and not you who will be posting videos on snap chat from our wedding day as we pop champagne while faking the smile in the fear of the little alarm.


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Written by Olivia Angi, Contributing Writer, #mygirlsquad

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