7 things You Should Know About Baby No. 2

Being a mom has taught many women the art of multitasking with minimal sleep. The adjustment to change is not always welcomed, but we’ve been able to roll with a new life who has masterfully changed our whole life to revolve around them. Now that you’ve got baby number one’s routine down packed, how do you manage to do the same with baby number two? If you’re not there yet and are considering another child or are expecting, here’s seven things you should know about having baby number two.

1- It’s complicated

Managing one life and your own is an adjustment, however managing multiple children can get complicated. Depending on your first child’s age, their adjustment from being an only child to a sibling can create jealousy. Baby number two requires more attention during the first years and your first born may feel neglected. Nursing your newborn and giving attention to your first born while healing your body will become overwhelming. Prepare to have extra help to get you through the first six months.

2- Seeing double

Having your mini-me roam the house alone can be disheartening. A sibling creates more fun and mess. Double the dishes, double the laundry, two car seats, double stroller – you get the picture. Try to get a mother’s helper, enlist responsibilities to family members to help you get through chores, but most importantly – understand that the house will never be spotless for more than one hour!

3- Daycare

Childcare is already an expense for one child who may be attending daycare full time while you work. Adding a second child to the daycare bill can make you go broke. Childcare costs are a big deterrent, but sometimes unavoidable when considering adding another child to your growing family. Consider asking a church member, family member or babysitter if daycare costs are too high for your income.

4- No sleep

If that’s not already obvious! Newborn exhaustion is real and juggling an enthusiastic toddler while taking care of a newborn can drive you crazy. Create a routine where your newborn follows the same routine as your toddler. It makes nap breaks way easier.

5- Depression

Postpartum depression can come at any time. Be aware of your body and behavior. If things become too overwhelming, (which in most cases they do) seek help.

6- Time management

Master time management early. There are never enough hours in a day, and if you have a child in school and at home while you’re working, schedules can conflict. Putting in overtime at work may conflict with picking up your first born from latchkey, or paying overtime for your sitter to stay longer can really add up.

7- You matter

One of the most important things moms forget about is themselves. We forget to take care of ourselves because we’re so busy taking care of everyone else. In the midst of changing diapers and homework, remember to give yourself a break. Everything matters, including you. Create time to sleep, have some me-time or do something you love.

Originally posted on Everything Girls Love, edited and formatted by author.

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