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Founder of REHAB the Blog Tiana Rogers, courtesy of Tiana Rogers

We love inspiring stories from individuals across the globe. Meet Tiana Rogers, born and raised in Ohio, USA, packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, CA at the age 26. Fast forward to 28, Tiana is working in the hospitality business while writing daily. She started a blog called  Rehab the blog and is also an up and coming lifestyle blogger.
MGS: Who is Tiana Rogers?
Tiana Rogers: I was a Journalism major for four years, but I became discouraged from journalism and graduated with a BA in Sociology. I was successful after graduation. I was working in social services for the state, but I wasn’t happy. I knew that wasn’t my calling. I was young, single and without children and decided to pack my car full of clothes and moved to California for a new start. After I started Rehab the blog I’ve been in the best mental state ever! It’s still surreal to me at times that I own my own blog. I’m so happy! And that’s really all I wanted.
TR: I didn’t have any intentions on becoming a writer again when I moved to California. I was exploring the city, most of the time alone and I began to write down my feelings, aspirations and daily activities. Spending so much time out here alone also facilitated me to meet and converse with so many new and cool people.  I’ve received some of the best and humbling  life advice from conversations with complete strangers. This really helped me adjust to those mid-twenty growing pains and a brand new city.
When I decided to start Rehab, I wanted everybody to experience this more frequently. Rehab is a community of millennials who may be strangers but experiencing the same life adventures. Rehab gives millennials a platform to share a pivotal piece of their life with hopes to inspire someone else.  Whether it be a heartbreak, a friend dispute or a promotion to your dream job, we all can connect through these life experiences. There is also a page on Rehab titled ‘The Connect‘ and this page highlights millennials with high achievements. With Rehab I basically wanted to form a community of “realness.” I wanted to shift the conversation from gossip and competition to real situations that will motivate one another.
MGS: What made you leap forward to make the first step to becoming an entrepreneur?
TR: I was down to my last dollars in my savings account. I was broke trying to keep up with the expenses of LA. I found myself back at a 9-5 that I didn’t see a future for myself in. I decided that I would invest that last little bit of money to my future. In faith, I purchased the website which literally left me at 52 cents in that savings account. After that, I came home after work, wrote and worked on the website continuously until I was able to launch it. At the time that I launched REHAB the blog I really didn’t look at myself as an entrepreneur. I only thought of this as doing what I love. I was kind of oblivious to what I started. When people started reaching out to the blog and asking for the owner. It hit me. I am the owner, this is my business, I’m an entrepreneur!
MGS: How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?
TR: I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Every day, all day, even in my dreams. I thought about this blog and writing again. I’m a Gemini with Gemini tendencies. Ideas have come and gone quickly for me all of my life. I never would finish things. But, when I started losing sleep over this idea I knew it was what I wanted to do and I had to execute.
MGS: So after getting set up, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve?
TR: Rehab launched with only me doing the web design. I’ve never done web design before and I knew nothing about it. All I had as a reference was YouTube videos. The first day a post was published the website crashed. I didn’t know how to fix it either. I panicked and second guessed running this website. I thought I wasn’t prepared and that I should’ve waited until I could afford help. Friends and family were calling me asking me what was wrong with the website. It was a nightmare. I was so embarrassed. Luckily, I had a friend that had some background in web design and they helped me get through the crash that day. After that, I went back to YouTube and Google and researched more about websites. I needed to be more informed on the technicalities of a website. I’m a writer but as the owner of this website I had to be more knowledgeable on the entire concept of the blog, not just the writing part. Now I  make sure I’m always prepared and not rushing with anything. Quality over quantity.
MGS: Do you have any other work, or new projects – etc? Tell us about them and what inspired them?
TR: Yes, I do! I  started co-hosting on Politickin Podcast earlier this month. Politickin is a podcast started by Amp. We talk about current events and frequent conversations that our generation is having. We focus on different perspectives and challenge the narratives that our generation has accepted as normal. I am also working on a non-profit organization for homeless women. I’m really excited about this. I’ve wanted to run my own non-profit all of my life. Hopefully, this is will be launched early 2017.
MGS: Tell us how you persevere in a competitive industry that demands the attention of readers for success?
TR: I always remain raw, organic, and sticking to the inspiring and healing Rehab brand. There is always going to be a new trend or new topic consuming social media. But, I believe that consistency and quality of the content that I share has allowed me to persevere.  Even if Rehab is not the trend at that moment, I always attract readers. Rehab also has loyal readers that always come back. These are the readers a blog needs.
MGS: What is your advice to people having a fear of launching their websites?
TR: Don’t be scared! Fear does nothing but limit your life. I was scared of failing.  But, the fact that I would NEVER know unless I tried pushed me to just do it.  As I stated before ideas always come to me and I would never fulfill them. I was tired of not knowing or being that person that never finished things. Running Rehab has truly been a blessing.  I have no regrets and I’m no longer afraid of anything especially failure.  There are no limits to what I will do for Rehab the blog to grow. There’s a bright future ahead for us.
MGS: Where and how can people find you?
TR: You can write me with questions or submissions at Everyone is welcome to submit! Rehab the blog is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as Rehabtheblog. The website is
My personal social media on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat is rianatogers.

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