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Akua Afwireng; From A Hobby To A Successful Hair Business


Akua Afwireng. Retrieved August 4, 2016 from http://www.muipr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/smprofile.jpg

We love featuring female entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities, and across the globe. What started out as a hobby for Akua Afwireng, experimenting with Shea butter and essential oils became a successful business. I was glad to catch up with Akua and learn more about her business, Lux Shea Organics.


MGS: What is Lux Shea Organics?


Akua Afwireng: Lux Shea Organics is a brand of all natural and organics bath & body care line. Our focus is getting back to basics so we use natural and organic ingredients. Our Shea butter and black soap are sourced directly from Ghana and handcrafted in small batches here in NYC.

MGS: When did you start Lux Shea Organics? What was the inspiration behind the product?


AA: I started Lux Shea Organics almost 2 years ago by accident. But I grew up using Shea butter back home in Ghana. I think every household had Shea butter. I needed to pick up some lotion on the go and came across a Shea butter product and decided to try it. It was simply awful, the texture, the smell (it was supposed to be Vanilla….major side eye). I thought, “This is crap!” My dad had just brought me some Shea butter from his last trip to Ghana, so I decided to experiment ….and voila!


MGS: What type of products do you sell?


AA: Currently, the line consists of body butters, African Black Soap (liquefied), body scrubs and fragrance oils.


MGS: What product lines do you want to experiment with or create in the future?


AA: In the very near future we want to incorporate home and perhaps a spa line. Basically, a one stop shop for holistic beauty and health.


MGS: What’s next for Lux Shea Organics? Where can we purchase your products?


AA: We are definitely about the beard gang, so we’re currently working on products catering to our men. Our products can be purchased at www.luxshea.com

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