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Honest Beauty, My Initial Review

When it comes to trying new products out, I’m the first to say yes as long as it’s not anything that’s for my face. But, I did try out Honest Beauty Products and was impressed!

Here’s the breakdown:


They were very quick when it came to shipping. I ordered the products on a Saturday and received them on Tuesday, so it was awesome. I did keep in contact with the company when I had questions about their products, and they had people knowledgeable to help me out.


Well, the products came in a little box one that you could use again, and all the goods were secure, so they couldn’t accidently get out their containers.

Product Presentation

I received the:

  • Beyond Protected daily beauty fluid which has SPF 30 Sunscreen in it, so that was another pro for their products.
  • Even Brighter everyday moisturizer which contains mineral products.
  • Mineral products along with SPF 30 is good for the skin.
  • I was most impressed with the Luminous Primer made with Aloe Vera conditions, infused with orange flower water and mica, and the primer also gave a golden glow.
  • One thing I haven’t used is the lip gloss which looks like great products, but I’m not a lip gloss girl.

Overall all the products I received don’t contain any harsh ingredients that may damage your skin! Two thumbs up! They provide you with the answers to questions you probably want to ask, so I say “Check them out.”

Student at Fairleigh Dickinson University.I am a radio co host for WFDU 89.1.I have a passion for writing.IG Cocolaelle

Written By Caroline Senion, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad

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