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The Monthly Gift, My Initial Review

I usually dont wear tampons, so I was surprised to get a box full of them to try from Monthly Gift. Its not that Ive never worn tampons, but I just fell out of wearing them a few years ago; personal preference. The website claims their products are premium quality, so I was determined to see if these tampons would make me change my mind.

Package & Presentation – I loved that my Monthly Gift came in a discreet regular white shipping box, so no one would be the wiser of what it contained. On the inside was a sleek, black box that had everything in it – the tampons, an info sheet, and a piece of chocolate. Again, I could put the black box in my bathroom and not have to worry about hiding it, unlike my usual pink or green-packaged products.

Product – The info sheet contained information I found helpful, including drawings to explain how to insert the tampons, and the requisite Toxic Shock Syndrome statement. I was a little disappointed to find that the box I got only contained regular tampons. My flow is heavy, so I knew my body would only laugh at these tampons regardless of their quality. And they are quality products (no cardboard applicator here). They are made with the same type of plastic applicator that some major brands use, wrapped up in a cute, but quiet printed wrapper. The core of the tampons are made of cotton and rayon. Though not listed as organic, the tampons do not contain any herbicide, pesticide, or natural rubber latex.

Service- I checked the website to learn about the full offering and was relieved to see that they do have a variety of products including super tampons. The subscription page prompts you to answer questions about your flow and what items you normally use. Then, it displays a few recommended combinations to choose from based on your answers. I could have gotten a mix of tampons, liners, and pads; up to 36 pieces. Plus, you could opt in for the piece of chocolate, or not. All of this for as low as $10/month, which is considerably less than what I would usually spend at the grocery store. Not to mention, theres no walking down the aisle trying to hide the bulky green package under your arm or cringing when the male cashier picks it up. It conveniently arrives right to your door.

Overall, the price and convenience make this monthly subscription box a great value. Its one less thing to worry about, and its obvious the company is looking to make every womans time of the month a little easier to deal with. I would definitely give it a try, especially since the first month is only $5. Look out for my final review.

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Written By: Leslie Matthews, Contributor Writer, #mygirlsquad

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