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Sometimes You Gotta Get Write Down To It!


We love featuring female entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities, and across the globe.  Meet Raquelle Harris;  a writer and editor who has an insatiable love for all media.  She has contributed to various online publications such as For Harriet, Nia Magazine and Empire Life. Raquelle currently contributes to Rolling Out magazine and She has a passion for music and issues surrounding the relationships between black men and women.


Raquelle Harris of Write Down To It

Who is  Raquelle Harris?

I’m formally trained as a social worker—I have 18 years of experience. I now train new social workers. I’ve always desired to be an on-air radio personality. Thus my current endeavors as a writer are closely related. I’m a sapiosexual, so I love learning and sharing knowledge.

What is Write Down To It?

With Write Down To It, I ensure that what you write is right. I work diligently to meet each customer’s respective needs. I write pretty much anything that requires creative thought (i.e. articles, blogs, press releases, bio, etc.). My love for reading and writing has been in me for as long as I can remember. I was the co-worker who colleagues—and even some supervisors—sought out to assist with writing and editing documents. My penchant for writing was evident.  Once I can write and listen to music while making enough money to support my responsibilities, I will have reached a great milestone.

What made you leap forward to make the first step to becoming an entrepreneur?

I decided to start Write Down To It after I helped one of my sista friends apply for a grant. She helped me to realize that I can capitalize off of my talent. I plan to eventually quit my 9-5.

How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?

As my freelance portfolio has expanded, I realize that people are affected by my writing. I enjoy stimulating thoughts and conversations. Writing is cathartic for me. It’s not trendy; it’ll never go out of style. No matter how far technology advances, people will always need something written/edited. To hear strangers, friends and family express their appreciation for my work is astounding. People who I haven’t been in touch with for years have contacted me to give words of encouragement.

So after getting set up, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve?

I’ve missed out on covering some big time stories because  I’m still learning how to separate my head and my heart when it comes to business. I am conflicted; I enjoy having access to thousands of people, but sometimes it’s a challenge to remain faithful to what I’m passionate about versus people’s expectations. I still fight doubts because writers are a dime a dozen. But my faith and instinct tell me that God gave me my talents for a reason. Write Down To It gives me the option to create an array of documents for others. I read books on my craft such as “On Writing Well” By William Zinsser. And I read others’ work to get an idea of industry trends—sometimes I do the complete opposite to test my individuality. I also consult with my mentors.

Do you have any other work, or new projects – etc.? Tell us about them and what inspired them?

I just completed the second article in Rolling Out magazine for my  “Fierce Females DJ in Detroit” series. Black women are dope! I love being a Black woman and engaging with my fellow queens. The women DJs I have and will profile are pioneers and tastemakers in a male dominated industry.

Tell us how you persevere in a competitive industry that demands the attention of readers for success?

I persevere because I’m OCD about my customer’s happiness with the final product. I want them to be beyond satisfied. I’m down to earth, humble and meticulous. I’m outspoken and have no problem discussing controversial topics. I thrive off the responses that I get. My friend says that I don’t meet strangers, which is true. I can converse and interact with just about anyone. I believe in connecting with others and building reciprocal relationships.

What is your advice to people having a fear of launching their businesses?

DO IT AFRAID! Eff what the haters say. Find mentors who are doing what you want to do and seek their help. Over the past year, I’ve been in some uncomfortable, yet thrilling and fulfilling situations. I’ve done things that I never thought about doing—and I did them well simply because I tried. Strive to thrive, not just survive.  Develop a tough skin; failure is a necessary part of success.

Where and how can people find you?

Facebook: Write Down To It

Twitter: @writedowntoit3

Instagram: @writedowntoit


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