Miss Us With That – “I Don’t Date Black Women” Speech

Black women often seem to be on the bottom of someone’s list. From being the most disrespected to the least likely to be successful. While all these lists are unwavering, the one thing that we can honestly do without is being told – “I Don’t Date Black Women.” – So what?

To all those who feel the need to express your dating needs – here’s a clap back on behalf of us Black Women – courtesy of For Harriet.

Video Source: For Harriet Facebook

2 thoughts on “Miss Us With That – “I Don’t Date Black Women” Speech

  1. My stepson has racist tendencies. I don’t know where he got them exactly, but it certainly was not from his father. We live in a “twin cities” situation that has a white side and a black side. While he acknowledges his sister’s boyfriend (half-black) and his step-siblings (half-Japanese) are cool, he still spews hate I personally cannot tolerate. I keep praying God gives him an encounter with an enchanting young black woman that steals his heart!


  2. Yass girl yass. The mental manipulation that causes others to think this really does turn into subconscious mental trauma for some of us. Thank GOD black women are so strong and so supportive of each other!

    Because black people as a whole (on every continent minus one) are continuously attacked and degraded, we have to proactively invest in ourselves in all ways.

    Too independent, strong, educated, focused… YOU DAMN RIGHT!


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