Dear Woman,

Dear Woman,

Happy 2017!

My well wishes might have only come nearly to the end of the first chapter of the year but it was on purpose. In order to let yourself connect & absorbs the changes that this New Year might have brought.

That #NewYear-NewMe kinda deal!

May this 2017 note reach you and the lady next door.

Be the awesome some woman.

Brand yourself that… “ SUPER WOMAN” and don’t segregate yourself by  race or any status. No #RichWoman #ClassyWoman #BlackWoman #ColoredWoman but all round AWESOME WOMAN!

My fellow awesome woman, I have a few ideas of how your calendar could like this year. Take a look.



January : Notice Yourself. Girl, if you don’t who will?

February: Love yourself. Love yourself hard & deep

“F.L.Y”- First Love Yourself, Others will come next!

March: Forgive Yourself.

For you may be carrying things from your past hurting you & limiting you just remember what ever you did was the best and nothing would have been done best. Don’t blame yourself for any loss or failures. Forgive yourself and help yourself to move on and do better.

April: Upgrade yourself.

Physically, mentally, socially etc. From yourself, home to the working space, notice the little things and upgrade them.

Really do the DIYs décor for your space, 10 Mins of workout, kill the lazy Saturdays by connecting with your old friends/relatives, finish assignments before deadlines etc

May: Create a new hobby/ learn something new

“Wise people never stop learning”

June: Compliment yourself and the awesome women around you.

“Another woman’s beauty & success is not the absence of your own”



July: Take a lead!

Be that awesome woman everyone admires. Speak your voice into volumes without shaking,

Earn that respect without fighting violently about it. Be the lead.

August: Brand Yourself.( Super Woman)

It’s always about how you brand yourself.

You are not a ‘Ghetto A* Bitch, Yo’ not “A loud baby mama”, “ A sexy girl”, “ A black girl with kinky hair or A Muslim girl” or any other way they may describe you. You are the super woman!

September: Compliment yourself!

October: Challenge yourself/ Get out of your comfort Zone

Kill the fear & continue to slay the year. Go big or go back to 2016!

November: Cut off the negative chains

Move from poisonous relationships, bad influence or habits that you know or feel they push you down or mislead you. You would rather stand alone in a positive line

December: Reward yourself.

Because 2017 shall be so knocked down by the Super woman you should really treat yourself!

Cheers to the beautiful beginning,

Love, from another super woman.

Written by Olivia Catherine, Staff Writer #MyGirlSquad


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