The little things : Part 2

Little things to do for your loved one

We live in this fast-paced, technology-filled world where we often forget those closest to us. Often I watch my friends, family members, people around me and wonder why they treat their significant others, so ordinarily.

How come they go for days on end not on “talking terms”? Why do they spend so much of time posting pictures on social media about how in love they are instead of showing it to each other? How come men don’t pick up random flowers on the way home and give it to their wives or girlfriends? Why don’t women offer their men a shoulder rub after they’ve toiled through a tough day? Why don’t they pray together?

To me. In my mind. A significant other should be your best friend and not as a cliché, but in the true sense of the word. You should have every bit of trust in one another; you should be lovers, romantic and playful, you should laugh together, you should guide one another, you should be a shoulder to cry on for each other.



After becoming too accustomed to one another, we tend to slack a bit. Here is a list of things to try and bring into your relationship to rekindle that spark or even just to enhance what you already have:

26) Go through pictures and childhood memories
27) Make them a song list that reminds you of them
28) Everybody loves compliments!!! Remember to compliment at least once a day.
29) Cuddle and always smell sexy
30) Play his favorite video game with him or watch his fave sport with him
31) Carry her in your arms
32) When you can’t agree, let them win
33) Apologize when you are wrong, don’t wait for them to come to you.
34) Let them catch you staring at them while they’re engrossed in something
35) Go somewhere random together. Travel together.
36) If you disagree with them, never do it front of other people and embarrass them. Wait until later.
37) Kiss. Passionately.
38) Slow dance
39) Watch something together. Be creative. Set up a tent outside and watch a movie on a laptop.
40) Act like strangers meeting for the first time. Create a love story.
41) Pray together
42) Whisper
43) Take care of their parents
44) Have your own language and code names between the two of you that no one else knows
45) Don’t forget to say I love you


Written by Safiyyah Sujee, bi-weekly writer #MyGirlSquad


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