4 Queens of Petty And Clap Backs!

What a week of bigotry, petty and clap backs to end the month! If you missed this week’s messiness we’ve got all the tea for you. Grab a cup and read through.


  1. Angela Rye

Chile, when I tell you Ms. Angela Rye came through and tow-up CNN! Watch the video in FULL to see why:

2. Maxine Waters

Don’t come for Maxine Waters unless WE send for you. Bill O’Reilly’s comments on congresswoman’s wig had us all in fury. So in Black Twitter fashion, we came for Mr. Bill O’Reilly’s racist statements and created the #blackwomenatwork hashtag. Ms. Maxine is never one to shy away from telling it like it is! This is what she had to say in response to O’Reilly:

3.  April Ryan

White House press secretary, Sean Spicer has done it again. Spicier in typical white male privilege fashion has not only dismissed his actions towards April Ryan but will not apologize for telling her to “stop shaking her head” and to “report the facts,” during the Tuesday’s White House briefing. Many Republicans feel Spicer’s comments were justified while others including Hilary Clinton slammed Spicer for his actions. Watch the video and tell us what you think.

4. Beat Kids Reporter

This young lady has some tough questions for Wall Street. Armed with her black girl magic, she takes to the streets to find out who Wall Street has exploited today. Although this is an old clip from “Wonder Showzen” the original show the “Beat Kids” segment, it still resonates with us today.

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