11 Offensive Phrases You Didn’t Realize Are Fat Shaming

This post originally appeared on Gurl and you should check it out.

We often say things without thinking but take a moment to reflect on these offensive phrases before saying them again.

1. “Ewww, I feel so fat.”

2. “You’re really pretty for a plus-sized girl.”

3. “Stop saying you’re fat, you’re beautiful.”

4. “Do you really want to eat that much?”


5. “Are you having some health issues?”

6. “Did you lose some weight? You look SO much better!”

7. “I don’t think that this (insert any clothing item here) was made for your body type.”

8. “Are you sure you can handle (insert any exercise/sports activity here)?”

9. “How did you get so fat?!”

10. “You’re a good person, but your weight is actually a big turnoff.”

11. “Do I look fat?”



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