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Remember those new years resolutions that you made where you promised yourself that you would read more?

Well, in case you haven’t stuck to it we are here to help you with a quick beginners guide to starting your own book-club.

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When we say plan, we really mean plan. Before you even send out the first invite to all of your girlfriends you need to make a few decisions, some important ones are:

  • what type of books will you be reading?
  • who will you invite?
  • how often will your bookclub meet?
  • is there going to be a fee?
  • where will you meet and at what time?
  • will you be the leader or will you share the responsibility among the group?
  • decide on a name.


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Whether you make a Facebook group or send out sms’s you need to spread the word. Get on it! Make sure that everyone is aware of the time and date of the meeting so that there is no confusion.



Now that you have everything in order, don’t forget that you have to read the book. It isn’t all about the possible wine that you may drink.


Happy reading and let us know if you start a club.



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