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Body Image Series 3

We are always here for body postitivity. If you are too then you have to check out this site on all things positive.

Founded by Hulisani Khorombi we follow the stories of women every August as they learn to love themselves and give some insights into their struggles.

Here are some of our fav parts from our fav stories. Visit Body Image Series for much more.




For the longest time (since I can remember) every winter I grow my own ‘winter coat’. I don’t shave from the 1st of June until the 1st of September. Yes I don’t shave my armpits, legs and pubic hair for three whole months.





It’s a rhetorical question which I honestly have no deep desire to have answered because frankly if you’re not helping to pay for my crops, shorts, minis, bikinis, sleeveless tops (you get the idea); why would you feel the need to make yourself feel important with my wardrobe choices?




I asked myself many questions, was it because I was big and black? Was it because they genuinely had no big sizes? Why did they not have any big sizes?

That experience pierced through the thick skin I was once proud of, and 6 weeks later I am still licking my wounds.

And now more than ever, I am aware that having a positive body image is constant work.





I’ll happily continue paying for my gym membership, not because you called me an Important, Popular Grown-up, but because I’m a health nut, and I like what I see at the gym *winks*.





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