Queen Sobekneferu

One could be fooled into believing that women have no real place in history and so it is always important to bring to light important women. Today we take a look at Egypt.

Sobekneferu is the first confirmed Egyptian queen, and one of the few females to rule the country. The structuring of Egyptian royalty was meant to focus upon a male king, who was considered to be the earthly manifestation of Horus, a male god.

Normally, a king would be succeeded by his senior surviving son, but every so often in Egyptian history, a woman rose to power, sometimes acting as regent for a young son, but at other times taking the throne completely, as in the case of Hatshepsut.



Sobekneferu was the last ruler of the Twelfth dynasty of Egypt and governed Egypt for almost four years from 1806 to 1802 BC.

Her notable achievements include builing the religious center in Crocodilopolis called Shedet, dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek. She also extended the Labyrinth of Pharaoh Amenemhet 3 by his pyramid at Hawara.

Unfortunately nothing is known of Sobekneferu’s death or burial. Some have suggested that her burial might be one of the pyramids at Mazghuna, but this is very unlikely. Thus, one of the most powerful women of early world history final destiny remains a mystery.


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