The School – to – Prison Pipeline Explained

School is back in session, and it’s time to learn about the School-To-Prison Pipeline, a system that funnels black and brown kids into our criminal justice system.

Source The Root Facebook

One thought on “The School – to – Prison Pipeline Explained

  1. When I spent a year in the US about 12 years ago (aaah time flies)… I lived in a family with four kids and the son always ended up in trouble. A few times he was escorted home by a police officer. Coming from Sweden I was very shocked on how “little” of a “crime”
    you had to do for the police to get involved. It didn’t make sense to me in so many ways but I guess cause back home we would get punished in a gentler way. What you get arrested for in US we got an hour or two detention for back home.


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