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#MGS 101 : Writing a bomb maid of honor speech

At some point you may be asked to be a maid of honor. In case that happens and you are stuck on what to say we have you covered.

Here are our top 5 thing to say (and not to say) to make your loved ones wedding day a little bit better.

1. Introduce yourself

Contrary to your belief, not everyone knows who you are and what your relationship is to the bride. Now is the time to dig into the memory box and see if you can remember the exact moment you met the gorgeous bride. Give them a story about when you were both younger. Alternatively, of when you met in college or at a chess tournament.

2. Thank everyone

You know that one bridesmaid that you don’t actually get along with? Yes, her too. Send a shout out to the guests, families and everyone who made the day possible. If you are going to make a joke, always pause after the joke so that the crowd can laugh it off.


3. Focus on the Bride

Your speech needs to be about the bride who you knew long before she met her partner. Do not mention things like how she used to be a party girl until she met the groom or even how much you thought that her ex was the one.  Definitely mention how much she has never been able to stop talking about the love of her life since day 1.

4. But don’t forget the Groom

Here is your chance to talk about their love story. As maid of honor you probably have privy to a few funny stories and sharing one would be ideal. Try to recall one where the groom did something lavish, exciting or cute. The story should of course be short because at this point you have already been talking for a good 5 minutes and you do not want to hog other peoples time.


5. Make a toast

We bet you were wondering how you were going to end this lovely speech? You can’t just walk out of the spotlight and sink back into your seat. Make a toast.

Why don’t you try an African Proverb/Blessing?

“May your love be like the misty rain, gentle coming in but flooding the river.”
—African blessing

Good Luck


All pictures sourced from Pinterst


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