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This week kicks off with the South African Spring Summer Fashion Week 2018. The event was certainly star-studded with influencers and personalities but the main attraction for the open night was the Woolworths Style by SA Show.

The shows’ formal wear reminisced the 80’s with the stripped pantsuits and wide leg fit for the ladies. The collections moved away from the more fitted clothing and saw more loose fit. The blouses by Rich Mnisi featured bubble sleeves and necklines being higher. The male collections were met with striped suits that were fitted and slick without being overfitted.


A theme across the collections were the different hats and head accessories. From Rich Mnisi’s floppy beach styled hats to Thebe Magugu’s more everyday wear hats these accessories perfectly matched the outfits classic theme for the workplace.

The final collection called the RE: IMAGINE collection came in with a youthful perspective. Showcasing “kids are alright” theme with African messages throughout.

Based on the collections seen today South African Fashion week is off to a promising start.


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