Bruce Jenner for Vanity Fair

When we first heard of Bruce Jenner, he was the Olympic decathlon medalist breaking records. Fast forward today, he is making history as the first post – transgender individual to cover a major magazine. There are many mixed feelings and opinions about Bruce Jenner’s transformation however; one has to admit the ground breaking achievement he has made for people of the LGBTI community.

Regardless of how we may feel Bruce is still living his life in his own way for the first time. He has landed an upcoming cover shoot with Vanity Fair. Jenner has now become the face of the transgender community as he opens doors for many behind him. Some question how and why he has come out so late in his life, and coming out in his interviews on the family hit show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and with Dianne Sawyer.

Annie Leibovitz will be the one to shoot Jenner as a woman. Jenner is no stranger to magazine covers or photoshoots as he has covers many magazines over the years as an athlete. The cover is set to hit the stands in June.

Bruce Jenner has been documenting his transition publicly since the Dianne Sawyer interview and will chronicle his life events of transitioning into a woman in his own show said to air on E! in July. The show will consist of an eight part documentary as a new woman. Many predict that the Vanity Fair cover is setting the tone for the documentary and will break the record for best-selling cover. The title was held by Conde – Nast who featured Jennifer Anniston after her separation from Brad Pitt in September 2005.

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