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Paris unlocks the ‘Locks of love’ bridge

When we think of Paris we think of the Eiffel tour, macaroons and the ‘Locks of love’ bridge. For many the “Locks of love” bridge has been a must see on many couples’ bucket lists. If you were fortunate to see and visit the popular bridge, cherish those memories. Unfortunately, for everyone else who is still yet to see the bridge, the French capital authorities have made the decision to remove the locks of love Monday June 1. The decision came after much discussion over the safety of the bridge and structural risks of the Parisian bridge.

The bridge has been an iconic symbol of love for millions of travelers to the city. Not everyone has embraced the symbolic bridge as many protesters have protested against the bridge due to the railing from Pont des Arts collapsing due to the weight of the locks in 2014. The railing is reported to be replaced with transparent panels and painting this year.

It has been a conflict for many as this bridge generates millions of visitors and houses over one million locks to date. The weight alone of these locks is estimated to be 45 tons or more. It has been part of the Parisian heritage but has now posed a significant safety risk to the tourists and locals who visit the bridge.

The long tradition of couples declaring their love on this bridge and inscribing their names and initials on their padlocks, then throwing the key away forever will now come to an end.

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