The Red Devils are the most valuable brand

Manchester United football club may not be winning any trophies right now, but its value has continued to soar over the past few years. According to 2015 latest FIFA reports, Manchester United has displaced the likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to become the most valuable soccer brand in the world. Despite winning no silverware in 2014, Man U’s brand is now estimated to be over  a whopping $1.2 billion, and by the end of the year 2015 it is projected that the club will be the first team to to reach the £1 billion mark.

A recent report in a Spanish newspaper indicated that the Man U’s fan base has dropped, following its unprecedented barren seasons. Even though Man U’s fan base and stats have declined, Spanish soccer giant-Barcelona, who won the latest edition of the champions league, has fallen two places from third position to the sixth position this year. One of the reasons why Man U has returned to its position as the most valuable soccer brand in the world is that the soccer club still maintain the most loyal of fans in countries like India, and China where more than a billion fans reside.

Man U’s lucrative deal with United States of America’s auto giant-Chevrolet alongside a £750 million of 10-year kit deal with Adidas has significantly boosted the earnings of the soccer club. The huge revenues that Manchester United is expecting in 2015 are expected to increase its brand value in the next coming years. Researches have also indicated that the brand value of Manchester United has increased by more than 60% since the year 2014. to add to Manchester United’s growing brand value is a record breaking £5.1 billion broadcast right, the UK has for the English premiership league. The new ranking of valuable football clubs shows that German’s Bayern Munich and Spain’s Real Madrid has dropped to second and third respectively.

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