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Behind the Business: Aisha Taylor Part 2

We love inspiring stories from amazing people across the globe who are doing great things. This week’s feature focuses on Aisha Taylor, FNPhenomenal

We had the pleasure of meeting and talking to this phenomenal woman, who is making a difference in many women’s lives. Aisha Taylor is the CEO and Founder of FNPhenomenal and shares some much needed info on being frugal and phenomenal! She is also the author of 5+5 FNPhenomenal ways to save $100 this week without killing your lifestyle. We discussed her journey into starting her business in the first segment and continue to discuss how she continued her journey through business now. Read previous post here

How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?

I just loved what I was doing and I was excited to come up with ways to grow and share. I got so much energy from working on FNPhenomenal. I literally used to bring my personal laptop to work and on my lunch breaks I would work on FNPhenomenal. I used to dream of how I would grow FNPhenomenal and how Oprah would interview me because of the work that I do with FNPhenomenal. I just had so much fun as I was working on the platform and I was able to challenge myself to do more and be better. This blog has now turned into a book, consulting, a vlog, and a podcast!! The testimonials that I receive as a result of people who have joined the FNPhenomenal community or have worked on me continue to fuel my energy and passion. I honestly can’t image never having have stumbled on something that I absolutely love. I just want to do more!!

So after getting set up with FNPhenomenal, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve?

Since starting FNPhenomenal I’ve had a couple of challenges and setbacks. When I first started my business I assumed that everyone who I surrounded myself with would be supportive. What I found out the hard way is that not everyone will be happy for you when you decide to step out on purpose to achieve your dreams. I actually had a number of people stop talking to me because I decided to do something differently and weren’t happy when I started to grow my business and have success. It was very hard at first and it made me question what I was doing, but I had so much passion for what I was doing that I just couldn’t stop. The other challenge that things didn’t move as fast as I thought that they would once I quit my job. It was scary because I wondered if I made the right decision to leave my 6-figure job with amazing benefits to pursue my passion. One of the things that I’m learning though is that I have to manage me, because I’m a very creative person and I tend to jump from cool idea to cool idea. However, one of the things that I had to realize is that I have to commit to a strategy and idea and follow it through to completion if I want to generate the income that I desire.

What products and services do you offer?

FNPhenomenal offers a combination of both free and paid services. I host a weekly podcast designed to help women to live phenomenally. It’s called the Live Phenomenal Podcast and it’s on both iTunes and Stitcher Radio. In mid-July I’m releasing a group program where I will allow a very small group of 5-7 women to work with me over the course of 3-months to change their money mindset, habits, and spending patters. Over the course of those months we will explore what behaviors that they have had that have led to their current financial situation, define what they want for their future, creating a spending plan, and then identify the behaviors and habits that prevent them from executing their plan.

If you need more individual help to get your spending under control, credit cards paid off, and savings account increased, then you don’t have to worry anymore or do it alone. I am available for individual financial consulting, and I will not only give you the tools that you need to succeed the confidence that you need to feel like you can do it, but I can also help to provide you with the accountability that you need to make a lasting change. You can finally eliminate the financial yo-yo, and embrace financial freedom so you can position yourself to create the life of your dreams.

I can help you to:
 Create effective financial and life goals
 Determine the best ways to structure your bills
 Build a spending plan based on your interests and needs and actually stick to it
 Develop a savings plan and strategy for your needs and your dreams
 Pay off your credit card debt so you can finally increase your disposable income
 Have fun without breaking the bank
 Identify where your beliefs about money come from so you can better understand
why you spend the way that you do
 Turn your dreams into a reality

Get a FREE 20-minute clarity session and let me help you learn how to increase your Phenomenal Factor and which program is best for you!! For a very limited time, As an added gift, enjoy a complimentary copy of 5-day audio series 5 Ways to Save Money and Get Phenomenal Audio Series (a $100 value). Click here to book your session! In addition to group and individual financial consulting, I also do in-home book parties where women can do a Girl’s Night In with a twist. In this interactive workshop we will discuss:
 How to develop your financial priorities
 Getting the support of your friends to help you to achieve your goals
 How to have fun and still accomplish your financial goals
 Ideas to save on the things that you are already doing
 Techniques on how to develop a spending plan
If you like to learn on your own, there are also FNPhenomenal self-study programs available

Read more on Aisha Taylor in our next installment. Did you miss Part 1 ? Click here


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