5 Places you have to see before you die!

There are countless numbers of breathtaking places to visit in each country of the world, however there are certain places that remain so special that you can’t resist re-visiting them. Some of the most amazing places to visit around the world are;

The Victoria falls in Zimbabwe

The Victoria falls is one of the most visited places in Africa and the world at large, located between the border of Zambia and Northern region of Zimbabwe, this breathtaking place emits a 354feet high waterfall and can be spotted even at 20 kilometers away. Traveling to Zimbabwe can cost you between $500 and $2000 depending on where you are coming from, but the cost of food here is extremely cheap, as most local foods sell for $5 or less and you can find international cuisines for a little higher. The most popular food here is the Maize or corn “Bota” Porridge.

The falls are so majestic in all its splendor and is one of the many phenomenal things to see in Africa.



Venice , Italy

Venice is always regarded as a sanctuary on the lagoon because of the numerous water-front scenery which has been maintained for over 600 years. If you are traveling from Europe you may spend few hundreds of Euros on transport or thousands of dollars if traveling from North America. You can visit places like the Grand Canal and the 352ft tall Campanile which is the tallest building in the city. The staple food here is the different varieties of Italian Pasta.



The Fairy pools , Isle of Skye , Scotland

The Fairy pools, located close to Glen Brittle beach is a quiet stream that creates amazing waterfalls, you may not find much public transports around here but you can simply walk through the stream and enjoy seeing its rare plants and animals. Few restaurants are located close to this breathtaking site and the Scottish native culture is eminent.

The Great Blue Hole in Belize

The Great Blue Hole is one of the best and most fascinating places in the world , according to discovery channel. The rare but fascinating sight is about 408 feet deep, and about a thousand feet wide where you can see some of the rarest species of fishes, and coral formations in the world. The Caribbean culture and various sea foods are the commonest things around here.

The Red beach of China

One of the most amazing places you must visit in Asia is the Red beach of China, It is located in the Dowa county, on the southwestern part of Panjin. There are more than 400 wild species of animals around here and the beach is simply Red in colour. It can cost much less traveling to the Red Beach from Europe than traveling from North America or any other part of the world. Popular foods here include the Sweet and sour Pork, and Ma Po Tofu.

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