To Varsity and Beyond

Each week we get the opportunity to hear and share inspiring stories of friendship, sisterhood and love. This week story is by Musonda and Phethego. They have been friends for 9 years and both come from South Africa.

Me and my girl PT as I call her, have been friends for 8 years going onto 9 now. We met in our first year of university..(And no we are not that old lol).. Anyway the University we went to has this initiation process for first year students. The initiation is a combination of fun and torture..more torture if you ask me though! The initiation included punishments for you “looking at boys”,or came back after curfew(which was 5pm!!!)..

We would have to run around the university stadium(which was huge), working out included leg workouts through some exercise “they” called paramedics, believe me if you think jumping squats are bad you have not seen anything yet! We also had to sing some ridiculous song in front of a crowd and a whole bunch of other crazy things. Trust me it was not fun.

Anyway through it all this initiation and trying to balance the transition of not living at home with our parents anymore, I met PT. She was this outspoken, (known to be rude by some lol), direct and funny girl that I seemed to get along with and better yet our senses of humor clicked so well. We lived in the same in Res(Known more commonly as a hostel/dorms) and we basically made a home away from home in each others dorm rooms. We spent time watching TV shows on our laptops and falling asleep in each others rooms (mine was the dirty one according to her standards lol) and chatting about just everything. Anyway Uni went on like this for the 4 years and our friendship continued even after. We are now grown working women and we can still hangout and laugh at this silliest things to this day.

We can also testify that growing up is not fun and so many things have happened in the past 8 years that we would have never imagined as teenagers , but one thing we can attest to is that we are still very much friends and we have lived, learned and grown. Friendship is a beautiful thing, and when it comes to ‘Girlfriends’ if you’re lucky enough to find real ones. Keep ’em close. Yeah life gets more busy..and you don’t have to see each other everyday(we can testify to that too) but keep the friendship flame burning…

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