Hey Life – I’ll need a side order of peace with those fries!

As adults, we have to learn to juggle many aspects of life. A lot of times we fall victim in allowing people, obstacles, trials and tribulations placed in our path’s to negatively consume us so much to the point that it becomes a stress factor. However, a lot of times stress doesn’t come at the fault of outside dynamics at all, but at the person you see reflecting in the mirror. Due to repeated efforts of trying to balance work and or school, social life, relationships with a significant others and immediate family members, our minds begin to become very cluttered. It can cause us to feel anxiety and do things we don’t even feel comfortable doing.

Though it is more than normal and almost inevitable for things to get hectic when it comes to trying to make all phases in our everyday lives perfect, we often forget to think about our well being first. We need to learn to protect our peace, in order for things to run smoothly.
When going through life experiences that aren’t necessarily in your favor, it’s easy for one to feel overwhelmed and perform acts that they wouldn’t think to go through with in their right mind. These experiences can make or break you. I’m sure I’m not the only the one, but often times I find myself giving too much of me to the world and being in positions where I don’t feel at ease. I begin to lose focus in what’s actually important to me and my mood negatively changes. A lot of times we want to play superhero’s to the rest of the world, when we need to be making sure our own world’s our intact. However, I’ve learned over time that’s it’s okay to not be okay, as long as we know when it’s time to actually get up to take the necessary steps to the road of a successful life.

It’s a great trait to be selfless, but we must also incorporate our best interests in the process. Don’t beat yourself up for going through a rough patch, it will happen. We all must learn to cherish our downfalls and uprisings because they help to remind us when things are going wrong we always conquer and move forward in the end. Eliminating certain aspects out of our lives that we know isn’t good for us help to avoid the negative experiences and we eventually experience growth by adding a more positive routine to our life’s.


Frances Rose E. Smith from Chicago, Illinois. A 22 year old Mass. Communications major with a concentration in Broadcast Media and graduating senior at Central State University. Striving to become a prominent figure in the Public Relations field. I am a member of the Optimist Club. We are geared toward serving the youth and setting a positive example for children throughout the community. I am the Public Relations Manager of Polished Incorporated.

Written By Frances Smith, Staff Writer , #mygirlsquad

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