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Behind the Business: B. Lauren, NAKED by Bria

We love inspiring stories from amazing people across the globe who are doing great things. This week’s feature focuses on B.Lauren. B.Lauren was born and raised in one of the six historic wards of Houston, Texas known to many as Third Ward.  She cultivated the htx people project to allow people the chance to share their stories and promote social change through shared experiences and respected differences. As a young black gay woman situated at the forefront of intersecting oppression, and knows what it feels like to be silenced. To be ignored. To be overlooked. But with her voice, passion, and project, she’s aspiring to give others the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement.

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Who is Bria Davis?

Before NAKED, I was in search of something and anxious to find it. I’ve been on this self discovery quest for a little over a year, and before the film I felt myself getting closer to healing. After NAKED, I cried for several reasons. I saw these women boldly speak from a place that I had not arrived to yet. And that feeling was bittersweet.

What is NAKED about?

I intend for NAKED to be an ongoing documentary series. The sole purpose is rooted in the ability for women to create a sense of community in a safe space where they can freely ventilate their stories, experiences, and circumstances.

What made you leap forward to make the first step to becoming an entrepreneur?

Honestly, I never saw myself being an entrepreneur. It wasn’t until I saw the film for myself, and that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t believe that this film, this baby .. was mine. I owed it to myself to jump out on faith and keep it going. Before I knew it, I had so many ideas on how to provide a voice for people. That’s how  BROWN AS FUCK, and PRONOUNS MATTER came about.

How did you know this what you wanted to do for sure?

I knew this was what I wanted to do after I invested money that I didn’t have into the film. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, I just knew it had to be done. Anytime you’re able to not know the result of something, and you have the ability to trust it – chances are you’re on to something. After screening the film twice in Houston, I saw the impact that it made in my city alone. There was a girl who I met at Urban outfitters, and her spirit was so beautiful. I invited her out to the screening, and surprisingly she came. That night she came to me crying, and thanking me for NAKED. That was the day I really knew. There are so many woman that are carrying so much in secret, and NAKED gives you the freedom to release all of it and not feel alone. Film is healing, and I believe I’m brought here to heal.

So after getting set up, what were the setbacks and what did you do to improve?

I didn’t start this project with a business state of mind, and things unexpectedly took off. One thing I have learned is to not be Naive and ALWAYS read things before you sign it. As much as I want to believe that everyone’s intentions are true, they’re not. Because I’m young, I’ve had people try to take advantage of that. So I’ve learned to trust myself, and keep my third eye aligned at all times. That third eye is God. 

You have a “BROWN AS FUCK” tee out, tell us about them and what inspired the message?

BROWN AS FUCK was inspired from NAKED. Kailah was one of my favorite subjects because she’s un-apologetically herself at all times. While we were filming, she proudly says.. ” I’M BROWN AS FUCK.” While I was editing the film, I removed it in fear of it coming off as pretentious. As black women we can’t be “too much” of anything, and that was the day I said to hell with what people think. You shouldn’t, we shouldn’t be ashamed of being proud. If anyone takes offense, then good. Being black already makes people uncomfortable, why not have it on a shirt and look good while doing it?

What is your advice to people having a fear of launching?

A close friend of mine told me something that will forever stick with me. If you’re not afraid, you aren’t doing something right. When you have ideas, write them down. Launching anything takes time, so don’t rush yourself. Create from a place of freedom, and do it because you love it. People that do things for monetary gain, typically have short lived dreams. Do something that’s healing, and fulfilling to your soul. That gives you the green light to push forward and act on your vision.

Where and how can people find you?

You may follow me on IG at @nakedbybria
Follow stories from Htx people project on IG at @htxpplproject. For more info on NAKED, and to shop BROWN AS FUCK go to


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