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Behind the Business: Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes, Earthy

If you a naturalista and have been on the hunt for natural hair products in South Africa then you may have probably heard of the hair range called Earthy.
This week we go behind the business and look at the inspiring MUMMY MTHEMBU-FAWKES.
You wouldn’t think that growing up Mummy sported short or no hair as her go to style because her hair wouldn’t grow. Her hair is the envy of many naturalistas around South Africa with her doing radio and television interviews in order to give advice to others on the same journey.

In May of 2015, Earthy was only 6 months old but had already started making waves. Before the year was up each province had a local distributor who was ready to take orders and deliver them to customers. According to Mummy the brand has been well received as this was an area that South African women were looking to explore and have options.
At 31 she turned one of her bedrooms into a lab, which is where she formulates her products, importing ingredients from different parts of the world. After mixing the various ingredients, she takes them to a bigger, more-established lab where they undergo rigorous testing to ensure everything is safe.

Apart from her presence online the Earthy founder does regular pop-ups where she consults with clients and gives tips on their hair. If you aren’t able to make it to one of those she runs a YouTube channel where she gives out tricks and tips in maintain various styles and keeping hair healthy.
To say that she is a force to be reckoned with would be an understatement. We can’t wait to see where the brand goes from here.
Here are some tips to keep you going while you wait for your order to come through.
Hair care Mummy swears by:
– Avoid heat styling – she only heat styles once a year.
– Water and moisture is good for hair, but moisture evaporates so you need a sealant to seal in the moisture, like a butter.
– Massage your scalp three times a week to increase blood circulation.
– Avoid hairstyles that require a lot of pulling.
– Be kind to your hair.
– Always use satin scarves to protect your hair, and don’t compromise on this.

Follow Earthy at or alternatively at

The following was compiled and adapted from these interviews below:

A flair for hair: Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes – founder of Earthy products

Gorgeous hair . . . naturally

Hulisani the Intersectional Feminist. Hopeless Romantic. Lover of life. Blog: ther earth.

Hulisani the Intersectional Feminist. Hopeless Romantic. Lover of life. Blog:

Written by: Hulisani Khorombi. Staff Writer. #mygirlsquad

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